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Flume Collection


Pairing reeded glass with reeded brass, the Flume collection plays with verticallity and light refraction to achieve a truly elegant look and a beautiful lit effect

Available November 2019

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Flume 50 Pendant

Whether used singly or in groups, the flume 50 casts the perfect light downwards to create an intimate atmosphere. Available in antique brass or bronze finishes

Ø50mm x 375mm (h)

Flume Wall Light

The flume is striking when used as a wall light, emanating a delicate warm glow through the reeded glass, while casting bright task illumination downwards. Perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms like.

Ø50mm x 430mm (h)


Flume 80 Pendant

The Flume 80 pendant uses a wider diameter (80mm) glass shade to alter the proportions of the luminaire, making it ideal for use over bars and counter tops, casting an intimate, focused light onto the surface below.